Vortrag von Martina Bramkamp in der Ringvorlesung »Animation«

Martina Bramkamp

»Instead of nurturing a strictly self-focused individual approach, collaborative projects open discussion grounds for interdisciplinary models of moving image practice. Animation in its physical, virtual and hybrid forms stimulates and promotes critical debate between students, teaching practitioners, and industry clients. Therefore, thinking and creating outside the field of mainstream illustration, animation and film-making can provide many excellent possibilities to “ workshop“ beyond the frame. By facilitating unconventional approaches, projects emerge in which critical thinking through making can be applied to test boundaries and to reach beyond them.

The aim of this lecture is to expose strategies with focus on various modes of dialogue and interaction between individuals, courses, institutions, artists, teaching practitioners, academics, authors, industry partners and students.«

Dienstag 09.12.2014

Fakultät für Erziehungswissenschaft
Von-Melle-Park 8
Raum 404

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